Friendly Fire

Once again, we must read about a mass killing, this time at a country music concert in Las Vegas. It is already being labeled the largest mass killing in the history of our nation. A lone sniper in a room on the 32nd floor of a hotel was able to spray the crowd of 22,000 with gunfire, killing nearly 60 of them and wounding more than 500. They were sitting ducks to this sniper who had multiple military-style rifles with him in that room. Every time we have a gun incident, the American Rifle Association always comments that what we need is more good people with guns. Just suppose that we believed that and every one of those 22,000 “good” people had had guns when they heard the gunshots ring out. What in the world would it matter if it was 22,000 to 1? Suppose everyone in the crowd had started shooting. Can you imagine that scenario if even more people had been killed, many by “friendly fire?”

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Too Much, Too Late

President Trump recently described Puerto Rico as ” an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.” Some have doubted if Trump even realized that Puerto Ricans are Americans. It appears that his administration’s assistance to this island that was first hammered by a category 4 followed by a category 5 hurricane was too much, too late. According to the mayor of San Juan, there are pallets of supplies sitting in the port without drivers for vehicles to get the supplies–mainly water, food, and fuel–to where they are most needed. The island continues to be largely without power and cell phone service. Because of the early warnings, it would have been wise to have pre-delivered supplies to the remote areas. Too, the hospital ship Mercy should have been sent there more quickly when it was realized that, for once at least, the weather service was absolutely correct in its predicting the path of Hurricane Maria. Now we can only pray that President Trump recognizes his mistakes, stops taking credit for a job well-done, and sends more military personnel to help with deliveries.

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While I Disagree

While I disagree with kneeling during the pledge of allegiance or the playing of the national anthem, I nevertheless acknowledge the right that every citizen has to enjoy the freedom of speech to do so. While I believe there are other more appropriate venues for making a statement other than disrespecting the flag, I support the right to speak out and demonstrate. While our president was using language that I don’t use nor would I let my children use to criticize NFL players, he himself has not always been so respectful regarding patriots who certainly deserve his respect. I will never forget his disrespectful tweets against the gold star family during the Democratic national convention. I am also aghast at the president right now as he blames the failure of the GOP to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act on one person, John McCain, a man who was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam war who is presently dealing with brain cancer. I’m praying for God’s intervention in this administration for I believe Donald Trump is dividing our country rather than pulling the American people together. I still believe his motto is actually “Make America White Again.”

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Let Me Out!

When Dimitris returned from his home in Athens, arriving at Tampa International in the early evening, I drove over to pick him up and bring him home. Tampa airport is a beautiful facility but is undergoing an enormous improvement program. During the construction, it has lost some of its glamor, but it remains one of the best airports I’ve ever flown through. However, after meeting Dimitris at the Edelweiss exit, taking the elevator to the short-term parking lot on the 6th floor, loading the suitcase onto the back seat, we headed for the airport exit, knowing we were very close to the hour’s parking grace period. I pulled into a self-service slot and put my parking slip into the machine to open the guard-gate. Evidently, I had exceeded the time allowed without paying as I was notified that I owed $4.00. Since I had no way to pay other than my credit card, I looked for a credit card slot, tried my card in the slot but withdrew it when it didn’t seem to want to take the card. I then pushed the HELP button which drew an attendant for assistance. She directed me to the credit card slot and took the card out for me when it returned. We seemed to be “cooking with gas” finally except that the drawbar didn’t rise. After several more assisted ministrations–the car behind me had long ago backed out–the bar rose, and we exited the parking lot exhausted.


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1984 Discovery

As most of my Readers know, I have maintained a journal since 1954. Over the years, I have maintained my journal writing sporadically. I have many yearly journals that I wrote in only occasionally. However, since I began to journal utilizing word processing on the computer in 1985, I have been writing almost daily ever since. Each morning, it is part of my routine to read all that I wrote on that particular day in history over the years. One of the things regarding my journals that has concerned me is the question as to what will become of my legacy. Who would be interested in my journal writings? Recently I read about an institute in Los Angeles that may be interested in journals. I immediately sat down and began to compose a letter to the institute, explaining my journal writing. As I was researching my writings, I came across one of the last journals in which I wrote by hand. It was the 1984 journal. Checking my listing of years and dates, I discovered that somehow, when I transcribed all of my journals to the computer, I had failed to include the 1984 journal. As I sat typing in the new-found documents, I learned that I have a whole year of my life now restored to memory through this neglected journal.

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When I was still in the workforce, I used to love weekends. Weekends came a couple of days after hump-day. Weekends meant time off, no classes, and relaxation. As a retiree, weekends have changed a great deal. Instead of being the positive time of the week, they have become the negative time. On the weekend, the news shows pretty much close down and reopen on Monday mornings. The public library, though it is open on both Saturday and Sunday, does not receive deliveries of items that have been requested by patrons. Since I don’t go to the gym on the weekends, I substitute a trip to the grocery store on Saturday morning in order both to get food and to get out of the house. I very much look forward to Sunday mornings when we go to church and see our friends. Sunday afternoons are quiet afternoons with hopefully a winning Rays game. I dread the end of baseball season. There is no anticipation of perhaps receiving mail as there are no mail deliveries on Sunday. On Monday, the world will come alive again, and I will be happy to greet the morning.

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The Eradication of History

I grew up in South Carolina and, if South Carolinians ever had a hero, it would be someone like Robert E. Lee, leader of the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Today, largely as a result of one young white supremacist in Charleston, South Carolina, who committed a heinous act of racial injustice in a southern church, there has been a growing movement to remove statuary that was erected in memory of those who fought in a war they lost. I’m glad they lost. I watched as my southern heritage became tarnished when the Civil Rights movement showed the lingering stench of racism, not just in the South but over much of the country. I agree with removing the Confederate flag from prominent places, but I don’t agree with the removal of all statuary erected to memorialize those who fought in the Civil War. Slavery was a despicable practice which had to be eliminated and was eliminated when President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. It is said that Lincoln respected and declined to carry out retribution to those who had fought on the Confederate side. I realize I may be criticized for asking for a more rational approach to emblems that remind people of slavery, but I am unwilling to eradicate totally part of the history of our country regardless of how unpleasant it may be.

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