At My Age

At my age, I take four prescription medications when I go to bed and four over-the-counter pills each morning. Dealing with constipation has been my biggest problem. After I supposedly added stool softener to the mix, my problem appeared to clear up nicely. My overall reaction was positive as I shifted from irregularity to regularity. I take the morning tablets as soon as I get up while drinking a whole bottle of water before I have my one daily cup of coffee. For some reason, earlier this week, I looked at my medicine bottles, lined up at the rear area of my computer desktop. There they were: Sentry Senior, the multivitamin & multi-mineral supplement; Vitamin C 500 mg; Geri-kot, natural vegetable laxative; and of course, the stool softener. However, when I turned the stool softener bottle around to read the label, I found not what I expected. I found Sleep Tabs. No wonder I had been so sleepy during the day lately. I have since substituted B complex tablets for the Sleep Tabs.

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I have been a subscriber to our city newspaper, which was called the St. Petersburg Times when I moved here from Pensacola in 1965. I gradually reduced my subscription from every day to Thursday through Sunday. At present, I have a Sunday subscription only and might not have that were it not for coupons and a desire to help continue print media. Most of my current news I get from TV and internet. In this day of declining newspaper subscriptions, one would think that subscribers would be praised for renewing one’s subscription. It made me wonder what was going on when my paper was not delivered on March 26th. I waited until 8:00 before notifying the Times regarding my missing paper. When I returned home from church and still had no paper, I called customer service and complained. I asked if they would deliver me a paper. They said that they had no more Sunday papers. Imagine my frustration when the same thing happened again on April 2nd and April 9th–again no newspaper. I have now called the Times three times and complained. I have been told that they are renegotiating deliveries. I would hope so or this wonderful newspaper is going to be out-of-business.

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An Audacious Admission (repeat)

“I was reminded that no matter how much Christians who oppose homosexuality may claim that they hate the sin but love the sinner, such a judgment inflicts pain on good people — people who are made in the image of God, and who are often truer to Christ’s message than those who condemn them. And I was reminded that it is my obligation, not only as an elected official in a pluralistic society but also as a Christian, to remain open to the possibility that my unwillingness to support gay marriage is misguided, just as I cannot claim infallibility in my support of abortion rights. I must admit that I may have been infected with society’s prejudices and predilections and attributed them to God; that Jesus’ call to love one another might demand a different conclusion; and that in years hence I may be seen as someone who was on the wrong side of history. I don’t believe such doubts make me a bad Christian. I believe they make me human, limited in my understandings of God’s purpose and therefore prone to sin. When I read the Bible, I do so with the belief that it is not a static text but the Living Word and that I must be continually open to new revelations — whether they come from a lesbian friend or a doctor opposed to abortion.” This quote is from President Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope.


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Telephonic Addictionitis

I am not a happy telephone talker. My telephone, both the house phone and the cell phone, are utilities only. The phone in the house has a caller ID. If I don’t recognize the caller, even if the number is the local area code, I don’t answer it. I have an answer machine which allows for a recorded message that I can play on my computer. When I do answer the phone, you will notice that I begin to get antsy if the phone call lasts more than ten minutes. You will then hear me say, ” Well, good to hear from you. Thanks for calling.” I’m ready to get off the phone and back into whatever life has me doing. I am far from “wed” to my cell phone, using it almost totally in case of an emergency when I’m in the car. Dimitris does not have a cell phone other than mine. If he uses the car and I stay home, he knows the cell phone is in the car, and he can call me at the home phone. I realize that one of these days we are going to be forced to become smart phone owners because so many things now depend on such phones. However, up to now we are only minimal cell phone users and are surviving quite well without cell phone “addictionitis.”

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Forrest Trump

Although I wasn’t a great admirer of the film, “Forrest Gump,” Forrest was lovable. I felt that there was disparagement of the main character who succeeded nevertheless because of his innocence. Our president displays some of the naiveté that Forest Gump displayed but on him, it comes across as ignoring reality. His language is hyperbolic with exaggeration on top of superlatives galore. Like Forrest, he lumbers along. Because he is our president, we must hope that he, like Forrest Gump, is going to be successful, setting his sights on the goal of protecting our nation and its people. According to Gump’s mother, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and Mr. Trump needs to take that admonition to heart. Blaming our former president without evidence to back up that accusation is certainly not the smart thing to do. Like Forrest Gump, Mr. Trump is going to be involved in every big event for the next four years. Hopefully, like Trump, he will become our hero. At present, he is a hero to only about 38% of the people.

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Don’t Call Me; I’ll Call You

When Dimitris planned his latest trip to Greece to spend time with his mom and sister, I knew that I needed to have a back-up plan for support in case I were to fall or have a medical emergency. I considered calling a friend every day just to check in. That seemed like an unwieldy plan so I dismissed it. I certainly was not going to ask someone to check on me every day. Finally, it was Dimitris who came up with a workable plan which was to bring in my cell phone which “lives” in the car, turn it on and leave it on every day all day, and then plug it in to be recharged each night. Before Dimitris left, I practiced with the phone which I have hardly ever used. Dimitris even programmed into the contacts our friend Ted Ciske who lives across the street as he could get to me quickly were there an emergency. What I did not check out was how to answer the phone. Let’s hope that there will be no one who calls, knowing my partner is out-of-town, and panics when I don’t answer the phone.

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

It is an awesome day when I awaken to rain, especially measurable rainfall. I love rain. It makes the flowers grow. It washes my car. It sounds wonderful on the skylight. If the weather is rainy and stormy, I always think positive so long as the electricity doesn’t go out. However, when I lose electricity which takes out the internet, the cable, and my telephone, I get depressed. I have multiple services from Spectrum. When I enrolled in these services, I did not realize that I could lose all three of those services at the same time if I lost electrical power. If I call Duke Power to clear up what is going on, I usually get a very polite robo voice, telling me that they are investigating the situation. Oh, I get over it but not until the internet, cable and telephone are back online. Maybe the positive will be that I will be a bit more grateful for these conveniences when they are all working.

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