The Edible Flower

As I have told you before, I love flowers. I particularly love growing flowers from seeds as that allows me to plant the seeds, watch them germinate, and then nurture them to full flower. Right away you want to say that I have a “green thumb.” Not necessarily so. I just keep trying until I’m successful. One of the flowers I have been most successful growing is the nasturtium. Nasturtiums are different looking than most annuals in that the flower appears to sit on the end of the stem, looking almost like a separate part of the flower. The blooms are multi-colored, round, and luxuriant. These flowers can also be trained to cascade down the side of a hanging planter. I planted nasturtiums about a month ago, and they are beginning to thicken now although there are no blooms showing yet. I have visions of grandeur as I imagine them flowing down the side of that planter and brightening my front porch. Besides being beautiful, did I tell you that you can eat them in a salad? What more could one ask?



About bobosbest

I am an 80-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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    hear for you to know more.

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