How Sweet It Is!

Do you remember what it’s like to have a bad headache that becomes almost nauseating? Remember that sore throat that boded no good and indeed developed into a bad cough, drainage that just wouldn’t go away? Remember the toothache that occurred on the weekend when the dental office was closed, and the pain was intense? What about the times that you just couldn’t go to sleep, regardless of how you changed your sleeping position or no matter how hard you tried to fall asleep? Well, what am I getting at? Of course, we have all dealt with some degree of each of those maladies. The important thing to remember is not to dwell on the memory of those bad times but instead relish the good times when you are healthy, alert, and energetic. If we never had a bad cough, a toothache, insomnia, we wouldn’t realize what a joy it is to celebrate health and being pain-free. I have just endured a bout of pneumonia, and you’d better believe as my lungs become free once again I am going to take in deep breaths and say aloud, “How sweet it is!”


About bobosbest

I am an 80-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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