What’s in a Name? (revised)

Have you wondered where the name for this blog was “born?” Like most names of things, there is a reason for the name. One of the principles of semantics is that “Man is the namer of things.” I have no idea where the first Bobo came from (I’ve never delved into the genealogy of my family), but I do know that my grandmother on my dad’s side of the family was named Clara Bobo. For some reason, my grandmother decided to name her last-born child Thomas Bobo Cooper, the only child in the family to bear the maternal maiden name. When I was born (the first-born), I was given the same name and became Thomas Bobo Cooper, Jr. As I was growing up, I lived in fear that my peers would discover what I considered a worthy-of-ridicule middle name. I didn’t care to be called Tommy either. Since my dad was already Tom, I added an “H” and became Thom. As I grew older, I grew comfortable with the “Bobo” which resulted in my wife and I deciding to continue the name with our first-born, Thomas Bobo Cooper III. For the first time, we decided to use the middle name as the given name, and “Bo” was introduced to the world. He has relished the name and seemingly has had no fear of the other -Bo attached to the name. There is a wonderful movie entitled “Front of the Class” in which the main character is called “Dr. Bobo” by his family. The movie, which is based on the life of a real person, doesn’t reveal the reason for the name, but perhaps I have found a long-lost relative. In case you’re interested, Bo now has a four-year old son named — Luke.

Happy Thanksgiving! Can you find me below?


About bobosbest

I am an 80-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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One Response to What’s in a Name? (revised)

  1. arcadian48 says:

    Easy to spot!!! Hope you had a good day with your two friends. We really ended up doing nothing, but that was fine too. Grandpa is financially strapped from this visit, so staying home was fine. Their last day here today. They’re going to a state park while I relax. They leave early tomorrow morning.

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