Tea for Too

In 2010, we experienced the mid-term election when a host of Tea Party candidates were elected  and sent to Washington, D.C. Most were at least in name, Republicans, and they came with the mandate to reduce the national debt and the size of government.  These freshmen congressmen and women have, since their election, proven their tenacity by insisting that the nation’s massive debt be reduced, an admirable goal. However, they did so by holding hostage the debt ceiling vote which threatened to throw the nation for the first time ever into default on its loans. They were not just  unwilling to compromise, they were ready to tarnish our international reputation. They established their own caucus and dared anyone to suggest that they veer from their pre-determined trajectory. Our government is a democracy which must operate on the willingness to compromise. Thankfully, there were enough reasonable minds in the Congress to avoid the financial catastrophe, but the Tea Party, in my opinion, went TOO far.


About bobosbest

I am an 80-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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