The Donut Tree

The pastor of my church told a story of her childhood to make a point. I’ve forgotten the point, but I remember the delightful story. It was a story of naiveté and trust. When she was a young child, her older brother was notorious for convincing her to believe things that weren’t true. One of his successes was telling her that Cheerios were donut seeds and that, if you planted them, they would produce a donut tree. Lorraine took her older brother at his word, took some Cheerios from the cereal box, and planted them outside near the side of the house where she began to water the spot regularly. Sure enough, in the spot where she had dropped the Cheerios, a plant began to grow and to prosper under her tender loving care. One morning, when Lorraine’s mother spotted her daughter watering the little plant that was beginning to become rather sturdy, she asked her son what his sister was watering. With a titter, he confessed his brotherly chicanery and was chided by his mother. The next morning, when Lorraine went out to water her donut tree, there were two powdered donuts hanging, one from each branch of the little plant. It’s nice to believe in Santa Claus, at least for a little while.


About bobosbest

I am a 79-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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One Response to The Donut Tree

  1. Issa says:

    Sweet story, it took me back to when I believed blindly about Santa and my parents words were the law. The good naive days. I had a set back sunday, went into Atrial Fib, pulse went up to 198, Wes took me to the ER where they did all kinds of tests, X-Rays etc. They gave me anticoagulant injections to prevent clots formation. I was not admitted to the hospital until 06:00 and didn’t get to close my eyes, there was always someone in my room taking V/S, checking my B/S, giving me shots etc. I was discharged tuesday with a heart monitor. Yesterday I had a stress test and next will be an ultraound of the carotids. I am glad to be sleeping in my own bed and thankful for Wes who is so good to me. He always go in with me because he hears better than me and has a photographic memory, so he knows what to do with the monitor and knows all my medications. I am still on the prednisone and bruises everywhere. The Prednisone has taken care of all my body pains I have had for years. Hope you are doing well and staying cool.

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