I don’t like to let things stew, but occasionally there is no way around it. I am basically an optimist and, when something interferes with my natural optimism, I tend to put it in the back of my mind. However, without calling it to mind again, it may surface as a “cloud,” something that I know is keeping me from being the optimist I want to be. My brother gave me some rather good advice that, if money can solve the problem, pay it. I agree. However, there are times when it is not a money problem such as when I have a medical problem that won’t go away. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1993, I had to exercise positive thinking like I had never done before. I fought hard to keep the “cloud” from depressing me and, for the most part it worked. Eight years later, I am cancer free, partially at least thanks to being able to dispel the cloud of negativity.


About bobosbest

I am a 79-year-old retired English teacher whose writing goals are fulfilled by publishing these blogs. I have a wonderful married partner, Dimitris Tsitsiras, who is from Greece. Life is good and still an adventure.
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One Response to Cloud

  1. Issa says:

    I think Wes positive outlook and his zest for life afforded him to live many, many years after his cancer diagnosis and surgery. Even saw his 3 children being born, grow up to adulthood, and one of them married when he was told that because of all the radiation teatments he received he wouldn’t be able to father a child. Doctors are not God even when some of them think they are. Hang in there dear friend, you are doing great.

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