Europe and Asia Bound

On Sunday, April 17th, Dimitris and I will board a Lufthansa plane, heading to Frankfurt, Germany, where we have a layover before flying to Athens, Greece, Dimitris’ hometown. We will be there two days before boarding another plane, an Emirates airliner on which we will fly to Dubai for two days, in order to break the trip to our final destination, Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, we will be met at the airport by Dr. Harry Brown, a good friend who has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the past seven years as the principal of an International Baccalaureate school. He will do some touring with us while we’re there. This will be my first time in Asia. From Hong Kong, we will again head back to Athens where we will remain, except for a short trip to the island of Corfu. We will return home on May 24th where we hope the flowers have had plenty of water and the battery in the car still has juice. Reader, I doubt that I will be able to post blogs while we’re away, but I will be posting again on May 24th. Thanks for reading “Bobosbest.”

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The Denture and the Partial

At this stage of my life and after many expensive trips to dental offices, I am left with a few teeth on the bottom with a partial supplying the remaining teeth needed to chew and a total upper plate. I had all of the upper teeth pulled six months ago and am still becoming accustomed to the denture and the partial. My permanent teeth were always a problem as I had been cursed by inheritance with missing teeth on either side of my two front teeth. After I paid for the last dental surgery, I prayed that my dental bills in the future would be limited to periodontal maintenance. Last night, I got ready for bed and reached into my mouth to remove the bottom partial. It wasn’t there. I didn’t remember removing it but began searching the logical places. The partial was nowhere to be found. Of course, by now my partner was involved in the search. I felt so dumb searching for what should obviously have been left on the counter in the bathroom. The search ended, and I gave up and went to bed. This morning, I restarted my search, first of all by my recliner in the living room. My second inspection was around the coffee table. I saw nothing around the perimeter of the table but, reaching underneath, I felt something–my bottom partial. You will never convince me that the partial did not self-propel itself under the table in order to put me in a tizzy.

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Tripod Sitting

Since having both knees replaced, I have dealt with difficulties walking and balancing in many different ways. First of all, I had to give up my Silver Sneakers classes as I could no long handle the physical effort required. Therefore, I decided to begin an alternative exercising regimen–riding the bike at a gym and walking in the neighborhood. Having had difficulty not tripping on the gym treadmill, the bike-riding proved to be a satisfying method for exercising, especially since I could read a paperback novel while pedaling. Still one of my biggest challenges was standing in place where I felt the most fatigue and pain. My partner, as you know, loves to travel and brings me along with him on exotic trips. When we are touring or shopping, I tire easily, especially when standing too long. I’m forever looking for a seat. Well, I have found an answer, the walking cane/tripod seat combination. Try it out; it works.

The cane-walker

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Topsy Turvy

As I grow older, I become more and more a creature of habit. My mornings are pretty much prescribed. I hit the floor, thank God for the day, turn on the computer and head for the kitchen to create my morning cup of coffee. I have been buying my instant coffee at Save-A-Lot for years (my daughter says I’m the last of the instant coffee drinkers). The process involves pouring one bag of Splenda into my Scarlett O’Hara mug (given to me by my son), adding one good shake of powdered cream, carefully measuring one level teaspoon of sugar and finally adding one heaping teaspoon of  McDaniel’s freeze-dried coffee. When I finished my ministrations one morning recently, I ended up with a topless sugar bowl. That was strange. Where had the top gone? It had been there a minute before. Something had gone terribly awry with my routine process. Reader, I’ll let you figure out where I had flubbed. It gave me a good laugh with which to start my day.


Click on me.

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Bungee Cords

As some of you know, I love flowers. I like cut flowers, but I love growing flowers in the yard. One of my favorite flowers is the nasturtium. Nasturtiums provide their growers with seeds for a next year’s crop. Besides that wonderful plus, they bloom in multi-colors with bright green round leaves. Every year I dream of nasturtiums cascading down from a hanging planter. This year, I have been more successful than I’ve ever been as two plants are producing and have actually grown beyond the planter so that they are hanging down. Next to my nasturtiums is another hanging plant of multi-colored flowers. I don’t know the name of those flowers as the plant was given to me by my neighbor. The two hanging plants are beautiful, but they were so high that I had to climb on a stepladder in order to water them. When I looked for some type of apparatus at Home Depot, I found nothing until I came upon bungee cords. Two bungees have given my plants the perfect height. Not only is the height perfect for watering, but the two plants turn in the breeze as the bungee cords twist. All I need is music playing in the background.

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Words You Thought You Knew (revision)

I love words. I recently learned two things about two words that I have never thought deeply about: the words are “temple” and “infantry.” When I recently read the book, The Lost Symbol, I was intrigued about Dan Brown’s writing concerning our mind and how much more powerful our mind is than we give it credit for being and how being “created in the image of God” has a deeper meaning than most of us understand. In the book, one of the characters questions why we call the top of our head the “temple” if it does not imply that our mind is the seat of incredible potency. I like that. Although I subconsciously understood that the head was called the “temple,” I never associated that nomenclature with anything spiritual. The other word, “infantry” is certainly a word I have flung around without thinking of the implications regarding its meaning. In Roman times, when men were sent into war, it was the younger men– the recruits, the junior officers — who were put on the front lines. Ergo, the word “infantry” came from the youthfulness of these who were sacrificed. Wow! I am always amazed at the words that have so much more meaning than we understand without having it pointed out to us.

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“The” Shot

My bowling buddy, Rick Coffman, and I have been bowling for years. So long as we are in town (and not on vacation), when Saturday morning rolls around, we are bowling. We started bowling at a bowling alley on 34th Street in St. Petersburg. Believe it or not, but it was heavily damaged during a tropical storm and never reopened. From there, we moved to an alley on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. We arrived one day to bowl and were told that there was no room. Our third spot is where we bowl now-a-days–Liberty Lanes in Largo. I looked at Rick one Saturday morning and mentioned to him that I did not know how long we had been bowling but, one thing was certain, we had not improved. He agreed. Our bowling is for fun. If you have ever been bowling, there is one challenge that a bowler faces weekly–“the” shot. When you throw your bowling ball, and it heads right into the pocket where you were aiming for a strike, but you have two pins left when the “smoke” clears–the 5 and the 9 pin–then you have thrown “the” shot. If you haven’t bowled lately, come join us some Saturday morning.


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