Not Warm, Not Cold–“Tween Time”

November and December have become in west-central Florida “tween-time” months–the time of the year when, although the morning temperature outside is chilly, the temperature in the house is only flirting with 70 degrees which would kick on the thermostat for heat. It would be easy enough to recalibrate the thermostat, but I don’t really want the house much warmer than 70 degrees in the wintertime. Because I’m not a lover of cold weather, I have my regular clothing adaptation down to a science. When I awake, I head for my closet where I have hung my long-sleeve T-shirt, ready for wearing. I put on the T-shirt and also my gym pants. If I’m not already wearing socks, I don those as well. The only other thing I need to assure my comfort is a cup of hot instant coffee with cream and sugar. On colder mornings when the house temperature hits the 70 degree trigger, I rejoice in the warmth as I hear the compressor kick in. What a beautiful sound! Thank God for electricity. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday to my partner, Dimitris!

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Heart Trouble and “Dimitriosis”

In 2013, I began to have the first signs of “Dimitriosis” Those signs began after visiting Dimitris in Athens, Greece, for two weeks and after having him visit in my home. At first, I ignored some of those signs as I was unsure what they meant. However, as time passed, I began to see that I had it “bad.” “Dimitriosis” began as an “inflammation” of my heart. As the “disease” progressed, my heart beat faster and faster to the point that I had trouble breathing. I had never felt this way in all of my life despite having thought that I had similar “diseases” several times in the past. This case was different, extraordinary, and wonderfully “fatal.” As my “Dimitriosis” progressed, I became less anxious about the future, more in tune with life around me, and in love with the one spreading this wonderful “disease,” Dimitris Tsitsiras married me at King of Peace MCC on August 8, 2015. Thank you, Dimitris, for “infecting” my life so wonderfully. Please don’t ever stop.

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Vote [bobosbest]

I just received my ballot for voting in the upcoming mid-term election. I am a Democrat, and I will vote. In fact, I don’t think I have missed voting in an election since I was eligible to vote. Now that I vote by mail, I have plenty of time to read up on the candidates and amendments. I can remember going to the polls to vote and coming out of the polling booth afraid that I had somehow mis-voted. The reason: because I was so excited about voting. We have just come through a strongly partisan battle in the U. S. senate regarding the nominee for the Supreme Court. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to let Judge Kavanaugh prove himself. If you disagree with his being elected, then for goodness sakes vote in November. I’m excited about the man running for governor of our state, Andrew Gillum. I’m allowing my excitement about electing him to carry over into other races. Voting is a right that is discarded by many. Don’t be one of the complainers who don’t vote.


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Hitting the Road [bobosbest]

As I write, sitting in the safety of my home here in west-central Florida, people in the northern part of the state are being threatened by Hurricane Michael, a powerful category 4 storm. As I listen to reports from the Panhandle, mayors talk about those who have elected not to evacuate even in areas where the evacuation order is mandatory. Why don’t they leave as ordered? I have some experience in that area–I didn’t evacuate last year when Hurricane Irma threatened our area. I figured my cement block house could withstand the storm, but I also knew that, because of the large number of trees in my yard, I would be in danger. The other threat was losing power. I had counted on my neighbors across the street staying put. When they left, headed for Savannah, GA., I realized I was on my own so I hunkered down, believing when I went to bed that I would hear what would “sound like a freight train” when the main brunt of the storm hit. I never heard that sound. True, I had many limbs down…but miraculously I did not lose power, nor did I lose either cable or Internet. I was very lucky and hope that, if I were in northwest Florida today, that I would have “hit the road.”


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[bobosbest] Keeping My Brain Alive

As a senior citizen, I am told by those who know that, in order to keep my brain alive, I must exercise, read, play Spider Solitaire, work crossword puzzles–in other words, keep my brain and body stimulated. As part of my “therapy,” I have continued to play Spider Solitaire. Spider Solitaire has sometimes been my soul companion when Dimitris is in Athens. When I downloaded Windows 10, I lost very few items. However, one of them was my edition of Spider Solitaire. The new ones I downloaded would not keep a tally of how many games I had won and lost. That frustrated me as I would try to keep a tally only to find I had misplaced it the next time I played. A few days ago, I pulled out some old CDs, mostly pictures, but on one of them I found the icon for my “old” Spider Solitaire game. It still keeps score. I have discarded the solitaire game I’ve been using and am now playing the old game. I have learned that something has happened since I last played this edition–it has gotten more difficult. I’ve tried to figure out the difference, but it eludes me. My present percentage is about 28%. Yikes. I will continue as I can now document whether or not I’m improving. If some of you would like to play my Spider Solitaire and compete with me, send me your e-mail address via the Comments, and I will send you the site icon that you can click on and download.


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Coincidence [bobosbest]

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I go to the YMCA to exercise, using the stationery bikes. I always take with me a book to read, usually a paperback book since they are lighter. I set my height at 6, reverse the timer so that I know how long I have been exercising so that I will be able to see when I have been riding for 40 minutes and can then switch to a 2-minute slowdown. During the 40 minutes of pedaling, I have my book in front of me in order to read and pass the time. All around me are others exercising, most of whom are wearing listening devices. I have begun lately to check on the way in to see if there is a particular lady exercising in my area. If she is there, I try to find a bike on the other side of the gym. My problem with her is her chatter, which she does loudly when a friend joins her. I cannot read and listen to talking so I’m miserable when the chatter occurs. This morning, when I left the facility, she was getting into the car next to mine. Of all the people I see at the Y, it would seem so unlikely that I would park next to her and see her not as my irritating chatterer but as the owner of the car next to mine in the parking lot. It was nice seeing her, not as the chit-chatter but as the lady with a nice smile who politely let me open my car door and get in.


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Warmth and Coldth

I live in Florida. When I was living in South Carolina during my youth, I prayed I would someday live in Florida. Who didn’t want to live in Florida? When I joined the Navy in 1961, I had a choice of going to San Diego or Great Lakes. I chose Great Lakes for only one reason–I had never seen snow. Believe me, I learned my lesson that January through April. After an assignment, scoring at the National Rifle Matches in Camp Perry, Ohio, I was assigned to serve on the staff of a vice-admiral at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. I was in Florida–well, the Florida Panhandle which is in many ways more like Alabama. After serving four years, I learned that I could increase my teacher salary by living and working in Pinellas County, which included the city of St. Petersburg, I signed a teaching contract and moved to St. Pete with my family. I have never regretted the move. I am a warm-weather person and don’t care if I never again see snow. Believe it or not, but I deal with the heat of summer in Florida better than I do the relatively mild cold spells in winter. I can get cool when I overheat, but the only way to get warm is to get into a hot tub and, for me, at my age, that is quite a task.


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